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Scaffolding is an integral part of Construction, Events and Maintenance Management. It is efficient but can be potentially hazardous. Majority accidents occur due to Fall & Insufficient Access. Selection, Design & Application is a major factor in any Scaffolding Job. User Awareness plays an important role in preventing Scaffold Accidents.



  • Scaffold material available on a lumpsum / cubic meter basis for contracts such as:
    • Construction Projects
    • Regular repair and maintenance
    • Industrial Shutdowns
    • Events
  • Coatsman Scaffold inventory is of Ringlock, Tube & Coupler, Systems Scaffold, Stairway Ladders and Mobile Scaffold.
  • Our teams are Certified to carry out Scaffold Erection and are trained to use the necessary Safety equipment.
  • Scaffold Material management along with Certified Inspectors and Supervisors.
  • Certified design services considering load and wind factors
  • Grand stand solutions
  • In addition to this we also provide Scaffold Training services.


Scaffolding is increasingly becoming a prominent requirement at events both indoor and outdoor. It is used for staging, mounting of LED walls, lights, sound towers, branding, decor as well as venue demarcation. 

Majority accidents occur due to unstable structures where load and wind factors are not appropriately calculated.

We provide scaffolding services for planning, certified design and erection of such structures.

Our teams comprise of trained and certified erectors, inspectors and supervisors that ensure the safe use of material along with the appropriate safety equipment.

Ringlock material is used at event sites for efficiency and versatility. 

We also provide certified training for production managers to have better understanding to address lapses and the ability to identify and declare structures safe for use.



  • Design & Estimation Audit
  • Procurement & Consolidation
  • Vendor Selection Process
    • Overall experience
    • Meeting the requirements &
    • Cost
  • QA/QC
    • Provide & confirm the specification of material
    • Batch testing (Random)
    • Test Certificate
  • Training of Personnel Involved and User Awareness
  • Safe logistics of material
  • Inspection & documentation

Scaffold Design Services

We Provide Scaffold Design Services according to Site Specific Requirements and approved by Qualified Person.

Scaffold material management

Material Plays an important role in Scaffold Integrity & Structure, and we provide complete Material Management Solution.