Specialised coating system

Aqua Sealer
from Sea Horse Services Sdn. Bhd, Malaysia

Introduction to Aqua Sealer
  • A low viscosity, non-solvent type, 100% volume solids epoxy coating
  • Compliant with SSPC paint 42 specification
  • Applicable over variety of substrates including Aluminum, Concrete, Glass, FRP, GRP etc.
  • Flexibility in application – can be applied directly over tightly adherent rust, old coating, oily, condensed & splash zone surface. Can be used underwater for wrapping of piling, jacket legs & variety of substrates

Properties of Aqua Sealer
  • 100% Solid Epoxy Coating
  • '0' Volatile Organic Compound
  • Food-grade certified
  • '0' Flame spread
  • Applicable directly on difficult surfaces, viz. Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Galvanized Iron etc.

Examples of Applications
  • As a protective coating for structures in harsh environment
  • Condensation structure / piping
  • Online high heat application (≤ 150°C)
  • Underwater piling, jacket legs, risers
  • GRE/GRP piping
  • FRP strengthening
  • As a Metal Filling Compound (MFC) (≤5mm)
  • Oily bilge wells / pump rooms / engine room
  • Concrete & concrete repairs
  • As a floor-coating – also for "Clean Room" applications

Coatsman, in collaboration with Sea Horse Services of Malaysia, has introduced new age coating & surface preparation technologies. Coatsman believes that the common goal of Coating Management can only be achieved if these innovations in the technology are put to the best possible use.

"Happy to inform you that today after one year, we have observed visually and found satisfactory
your Aqua Sealer paint which was applied on condensate surface lines at our premises”
… Mr. Suryaprakash Rao, KGD6 Onshore Terminal, Gadimoga"

AQUA SEALER – an innovative 100% solid multipurpose epoxy coating
  • Meets & exceeds the requirements enlisted in SSPC Paint 42 specification
  • 100% solid epoxy – no solvents added – “0” VOC
  • Specially formulated for multipurpose use in offshore environment
  • No stringent requirements for surface preparation – can be applied on tightly adherent rust
  • Equally good performance even when applied on oily or damp surfaces
  • Applicable directly underwater without any modifications
  • Can be used along with wrapping tapes underwater for extra protection to risers, piling, structure etc.
  • Along with Zirconium (added externally), can be used as a Metal Filling Compound
  • Food grade coating – DNV certified – applicable for internal lining of Potable water tank
  • Class “0” rated fire retardant

  • Crude, product & potable water storage tank linings
  • Ballast tank coating where surface preparation may be an issue
  • Bilges, pump rooms etc. where there is a high possibility of oily substrate
  • High temperature application (up to 150 deg. C)
  • Engine shell coating
  • Sweating lines – can be applied directly without shutdown
  • Risers, jackets, piling – for underwater application
  • GRE & FRP repairs & restoration
  • Self-levelling floor coating – Sterile grade

Aqua Sealer has been in use in South East Asia for many years. Aqua Sealer is approved by SIRIM-DNV, Petronas & Shell Oil for use on their platforms/vessels. Aqua Sealer has found many applications for underwater substrates. Please mail us for detailed brochure and customer approvals data.