Cold Weld Solutions (CWS)

Permanent Pipe Leak Repair Using Lokring Technology

Lokring is a patented, permanent, axially swaged pipe fitting for variety of pipe service that is certified to ASTM B31.1/31.3. Lokring provides a COLD solution to 'Hot-work & jobs constrained on time factors. Application of Lokring doesn’t require Hot Work Permit since it does not involve welding, gas cutting or any such heat producing activities.
LOKRING's patented ESP - Elastic Strain Preload - technology provides metal to metal contact. The installed coupling has same temperature and pressure ratings that of the original pipe. It enables Permanent "Gas Tight / Leak Free" fittings within seconds, which is any time faster than conventional welding. Lokring fittings does not have threads, O-rings or gaskets, hence chances of failure in service are extremely rare.

  • Permanent connection – no maintenance or repair
  • No hot work – Potential reduction in Safety hazards
  • Secure, tamper-proof fitting – No threads, ferrule-free, no wrenches
  • No purge of flushing – Zero contamination compared to welding
  • ANSI/ASME B31.1, B31.3, B31.4, B31.5, B31.8 and B31.9 qualified
  • Visual Inspection – Non-destructive testing is unnecessary
  • Reliable weld-equivalent connection
  • The only mechanically attached fitting to meet API 607 Fire Test
  • Increased job scheduling – Ten times faster than welding
  • Increased productivity – Fast & easy to install
  • Single plane of access required – Easy access for close spaces, pipe/tube runs

  • ANSI/ASME B31.1, B31.3, B31.4, B31.5, B31.8 & B31.9
  • British Ministry of Defence
  • US Coast Guards
  • American Petroleum Institute – API 607 rev 4 Fire Test
  • ASTM-F1387
  • Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL)
  • Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL)
  • BG Exploration & Production India Limited
  • Indian Navy

By eliminating welding in the unit, many overhead costs relating to safety, personnel, equipment and supplies, inspection, rework and monitoring can be eliminated or substantially reduced. Some examples are:

1 Obtain fire or hot work permit Cranes, welders, grinders and small tools
2 Purging requirements, gas detection and weather protection Weld consumables
3 Blanks flanges & nozzles Weld X-Ray & other NDT
4 Fire watch Rework of damaged or misaligned spools
5 Welding habitats Drain, flush & dry lines
6 Hazardous material disposal Maintain & monitor flanges for leakage

AquaSeal Wrap

AquaSealer Wrap is a 3000 microns clear Aqua Veil embedded with the glass fibre which is installed on the leaking surface. The strength of Aqua Veil reinforced with glass fibres in diagonal pattern provides for trough, impermeable leak arrest system. The Aqua Veil and glass fibres are laminated onto the leaking surface using a 100% solid epoxy resin – Aqua Sealer – that is also a “0” permeability coating, thereby negating chances of pinhole leakages in the leak arrest system.

  • Easy to apply – no fasteners required, just apply against leaking surface
  • Bonds with virtually any surface chemistry – CS, SS, Concrete, GRE, FRP
  • UV Resistant
  • Temperature resistance up to 150 Deg C.
  • Provides extra strength to the GRE/FRP structures
  • Minimal surface preparation required
  • Can be applied on damp/wet surfaces – displaces water


Weld-Equivalent Pipe Connection Solutions confirming to
ASME B31.1 & 31.3

  • ANSI/ASME B31.1 / 31.3
  • Lloyds Register # 98-60070 (E1)
  • Canadian Registration No. 10195.5
  • Hartford Boiler CAS-B51-95
  • API-607 Rev. 4 Fire Test for External Leakage
  • ASTM F1387
  • AAR – Association of American Railroad
  • US Coast Guard
  • California Air Resources Board
  • National Fire Protection Association 30
  • National Fire Protection Association 99
  • American Bureau of Shipping
  • ISO 9001:2000