Coatings & Corrosion Management
  • Corrosion is one of the major threat for any Asset Integrity
  • Though various methods could be adopted for prevention, application of Coatings is far more efficient and economical method
  • improper application ≈ Waste of paint
  • Selection, Standardization & Periodic Inspection forms a VIMP criteria

Coatsman Approach
A roadmap to the successful implementation of Coating Management System
Coatings & Corrosion
Coatings & Corrosion
  • Corrosion & Coating Audit of the installation
  • Consolidation of the findings with current approach / process
  • Process Audit
  • HSSE Plan
  • Coating Standardization Process
  • Identifying Critical Applications & Priorities
  • Applicability of International Standards
  • Budgeting
  • Quality Assurance Plan
  • Quality Control Plan
  • Work Pack
  • Periodic Quality Audits
  • Periodic Coating Management System (CMS) Audit
  • Documentation