Cold Weld Solutions (CWS)

AquaSeal Wrap

AquaSealer Wrap is a 3000 microns clear Aqua Veil embedded with the glass fibre which is installed on the leaking surface. The strength of Aqua Veil reinforced with glass fibres in diagonal pattern provides for trough, impermeable leak arrest system. The Aqua Veil and glass fibres are laminated onto the leaking surface using a 100% solid epoxy resin – Aqua Sealer – that is also a “0” permeability coating, thereby negating chances of pinhole leakages in the leak arrest system.

  • Easy to apply – no fasteners required, just apply against leaking surface
  • Bonds with virtually any surface chemistry – CS, SS, Concrete, GRE, FRP
  • UV Resistant
  • Temperature resistance up to 150 Deg C.
  • Provides extra strength to the GRE/FRP structures
  • Minimal surface preparation required
  • Can be applied on damp/wet surfaces – displaces water